Aries: really possessive and insecure, kinda jealous, but super fun to be around and fiery and good at being shady, really nice hair, kinda awkward sometimes ngl but always a party w them 

Taurus: genuine, supportive, caring, don’t actually like food as much as the stereotypes say, have the tendency to dip when things get rough honestly, beautiful as hell, sporty 

Gemini: will always call you out, tough love ALWAYS, super witty, hilarious, kinda mean sometimes though, secretly gives a shit about you, kinda terrifying when they hug you bc they’re not very affectionate? 

cancer: super clingy, occasionally can be really mean, lazy, caring, affectionate, funny as hell

Leo: lmao I’m biased as shit cause I’m a Leo but we’re noisy, brash, faux confidence, always fishing for compliments, affectionate, generous, have like 10 crushes, love relationships but hate commitment, shady, bitchy, loving, and straightforward and bubbly 

Virgo: b it ch, cold, funny as shit though, cunning, s HADY, honest, if you’re loyal to them they’re your friends for life like to get along w people then shit talk them, insecure, smart, lazy, have lots of friends, can be annoying, you definitely love them though, probably pretty as hell, sweet to you 

libra: naive but don’t mistake that for totally clueless because if you take them for a pushover you’re gonna get destroyed, super sweet, cute as hell, genuine, bubbly, excitable, very affectionate, loves to talk about their interests, clingy 

Scorpio: pretends to ngaf but always post shit about being lonely on their story, snarky, love helping people, kinda kinky asf, kinda cute, terrifying, secretly loves you, smart as HELL

Sagittarius: kinda cold?, super woke, when they get mad they GET MAD and you better watch yourself, super gorgeous eyes, super sweet if you’re dating them, really extravagant, gets offended easily, really always there for you, cool as hell, great music taste 

Capricorn: hands down the best friend you’ll ever have, go to great lengths to keep you in their life, sends memes, sends inspirational texts, sends texts telling you how much they love you, probably cute as hell, super annoying sometimes, talented, might stab you in the back 

Aquarius: tbh I’ve only known one Aquarius and she was so spunky and weird and extravagant and interesting, and genius and talented, and pretty, and whiny, and a bit of a liar 

Pisces: NOT the stereotype. cunning, cold, shady, witty, MEAN, but also hot as hell, angry all the time, smart, makes you laugh, makes fun of you, pretends to not care about you, is super possessive, always all over you, clingy, never forgets you