Aries: bought 4 pepe pillowcases and refused to tell me where he got them from

Taurus: came into my room and lightly placed 3 smiley face stickers on my face

Gemini: owned a wild pet turkey named dill

Cancer: cried 5 minutes into the new star wars

Leo: was casually playing the he man song on a Tuesday morning at 5am while drinking his coffee

Virgo: sent me a picture of our cat named Meow with the caption “shes a ham” 

Libra: asked me how he could copyright his idea of a “cat comedy” where humans are the size of cats and cats are the size of humans

Scorpio: picked up our cat Leo and carried him into his room while saying “we need some male bonding time” and smooched his head

Sagittarius: bought his own 8$ pepe pin from amazon with two day shipping and wears it to work daily in hopes of someone noticing it

Capricorn: while eating dinner, dropped his fork on the ground and charged outside in the middle of winter yelling “go away” to the birds that were picking on other birds

Aquarius: when I asked him why he liked pepe so much he responded “he’s…like me”

Pisces: gave me the silent treatment after I responded to him saying “I’m hungry” with “hi hungry I’m dad”